LAS Minor

Minors in Latin American studies are required to complete 21 credit hours. No more than two courses from any department other than LAS are counted toward the minor. There is no limit on the courses designated Latin American Studies (LAS) that may apply to the minor. Students majoring in Spanish should check with their major advisor and with the LAS Director before attempting to double-count courses for the major and minor.

All minors will be required to complete three core courses:
LAS 210 Exploring Latin America
LAS 374 Revolution in the Americas
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II (or higher)

In addition to the above required courses, students will choose four courses from the following list:
ANT 355 Migration in the Americas
ANT 360 Ethnology of Mesoamerica
CFV 376 Latin American Cinema
ENG 378 Contemporary Latin American Literature
ENG 385 Writing and Revolution in the Americas
GEO 350 Geology's Great Debate in the New World
GPY 352 Geography of Latin America
GPY 380 Special Topics in Geography
HST 315 Latinos: The Forging of Ethnic Identities
HST 330 Early Latin America
HST 331 Modern Latin America
HST 334 Making of the West Indies
HST 372 From Slavery to Freedom
HST 632 History of Brazil (special permission)
LAS 320 Model Organization of American States
LAS 378 Contemporary Latin American Literature
LAS 380 Topics in Latin American Studies
LAS 399 Independent Study
LAS 475 Latinos in West Michigan
PLS 284 Latin American Politics
SPA 311 Latin American Civilization and Culture I
SPA 312 Latin American Civilization and Culture II
SPA 313 U.S. Latino/a Culture and Civilization
SPA 324 Spanish American Novel in Translation
SPA 329 Sociolinguistics of the Spanish
SPA 410 Spanish American Narrative
SPA 430 U.S. Latino/a Literature
SPA 460 Women Authors

One course from the Grand Valley study abroad program in Latin America can be applied to the minor with prior approval from the director of the Latin American studies program.


LAS 490 Latin American Studies Internship


A permit is required to register for a Practicum or Internship.  Students may not participate in for-credit internships in the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia.

Students must also register the Practicum/Internship in the GVSU Internship Management System database after you have been offered and accepted the internship.  For detailed instructions, please visit the Career Center IMS Faculty Instructions.  Please contact the LAS Coordinator or the Area Studies Office with questions.