Latin American Studies



We are requesting essays for a book.

Languages: In English and in Spanish

Number of pages: 15/25 pp with bibliography [MLA format]

We wonder about the role of scholars as cultural agents, and their capacity to use the humanities, and physical and social sciences, to further build a civil society, and offer innovative ways to address local challenges.  We wish to do a reflection about existing bridges between community activists and scholars, and new ones that might be built or have already been built.  We ask ourselves about the transformation that cultural agency brings to the communities in different environments and diverse areas in Latin America, in the borders and in the Latino’s culture in the United States.

  • Theory and practice of cultural agency in Latin America and the borders.
  • Cultural agency as creative agencies of change.
  • Articulation between communities and practices
  • Political response and transformation of  the community
  • Ethical commitments with society and communities
  • Is the Academia an agency of change?
  • Links and exchanges between Academia and the community.
  • Cultural Agency in the city and in the suburbs.
  • Language, Literature, and memory as cultural agency.
  • Art, music, film, poetry as cultural agency.
  • Museums as cultural agency
  • Cultural practices in borders.
  • Gender and cultural agency practices.
  • New Technological media and re/appropriations in the borders
  • Historical Memory and cultural agency
  • Agency in the sciences--Ecology, Sustainability, environmental sciences.

Edited by Zulema Moret [Latin American Studies Director, Grand Valley State University] and Dr. Gonzalo Leiva Quijada [Academico-Investigador, Instituto de Estética, P.U.C. de Chile]

Due date: October 15, 2011.

Send your proposal with a short description of your paper [15 lines] to Zulema Moret, and Gonzalo Leiva,  (A committee will select the essays for publication)

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