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Want everyone to know about your event? Is it happening on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Make it a Laker Weekend event by filling out our form on OrgSync at least two weeks before the event. We will process your request as quickly as we can and let you know how we can best promote your event.

If you’ve have any questions about Laker Weekends or how your event can work with Laker Weekends, contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Student Life Forms

Depending on the type of program you are trying to develop, some forms may be required by the Office of Student Life. We have placed links to the most commonly used forms here for your convenience. For further information, including funding information, please contact the office at 616-331-2345.

Multiple Resources

Food Waiver

Dance and Music Policy

Contract for Professional Services

For fundraisers, please contact Event Services at 616-331-2350.

Room Reservations

If you need to reserve a space for your event, please contact Event Services at 616-331-2350.