Kirkhof Center

Located on the Allendale campus, the Kirkhof Center is at the center of activity for the campus community.

Named in the honor of Russel H. Kirkhof, the Kirkhof Center is a place for students to study, dine or just hang out with friends. Whether it's a meeting, entertainment or a study group, the Kirkhof Center is a welcoming place for the GVSU community gather. With 27 meeting spaces, the Kirkhof Center is equipped to handle events such as dances, lectures, large and small meetings, dinners, luncheons, receptions.  The Kirkhof Center rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis by calling 616-331-2350.

The following services are available in the Kirkhof Center:

*Event Services * Student Life * 2020 Information Desk * Women's Center * Multicultural Affairs * Student Senate * Lobby Shop * Java City * Dining Services * Campus Dining:  Fusion and Crave   * the home theatre * the game room and lounges.



Page last modified January 11, 2016