Kingston 25

Richard Jelier's Experience
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Name: Richard Jelier
Major: Public Administration
Semester Studied: Spring/Summer 2011
Traveled Abroad Before: Yes

Q: What was most memorable about your experience?

A: Over the last 15 years, I have had a variety of memorable experiences with Kingston University in my role as GVSU Faculty. These include being selected as a Faculty Exchange participant in the summer of 1998, Program Director of the Faculty Led London Urbanization Program at Kingston University in 1999, 2008, 2011 and looking forward to 2014. During my Sabbatical in 2002, I was a Research and Teaching Fellow in the Department of Geography for six months. I've also hosted Kingston Faculty Exchange participants Dr. Peter Garside and assisted with others.

Q: What was the purpose of your visit?

A: The opportunity for study, teaching and research at Kingston University London has been one of the highlights of my tenure at GVSU. Especially rewarding has been my role as faculty leader of 68 students in three summer programs. The friendships and associations with Kingston University faculty and staff I have greatly valued.

Q: What did you learn from the exchange and how has this enriched your life and work?

A: As an urban scholar, living in a world class city and working and studying at such a fine institution as Kingston University that shares many of GVSU's values has been especially enriching for both myself and my students who have accompanied me.

Q: What advice would you offer?

A: Studying, working, living with a partner university in an international setting is a can't miss opportunity and I would encourage other faculty to apply for the Faculty/Staff exchange that started my long partnership with Kingston University.

Q: Any additional thoughts, memories, or reflections you would like to share:

A: I have made many friendships at Kingston University over the last decade and one half and plan on maintaining those over the course of my career.

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