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Every gift to the Bonnie Wesorick Center for Health Care Transformation will help save lives and lowers costs.

  • Integration for sustainable transformation
    The Wesorick Centers goal is to transform the health care system at the point of patient care. The center will provide scholarly leadership for this transformation, educating students and advancing research. These new models of care will integrate evidence-based practice, interprofessional teams, and technology for a sustainable health care transformation. Early indications are that these models will help save lives and lower health care costs. When fully funded, the Wesorick Center hopes to move quickly from conducting research to impacting care at the bedside.
  • Research
    The Center will attract scholars who engage in collective accountability to practice transformation and integrated research. The work will inform healthcare delivery and policy nationally; it will be a valuable source of truth when healthcare leaders evaluate what works in healthcare today.
  • Teaching
    The Center will enhance interprofessional collaboration and link practice issues and educational innovations with evidence-based practice. GVSU faculty and students will be able to contribute relevant and applicable research at the point of care that will immediately begin to impact patient outcomes.

  • An Opportunity to Make a Difference
    The Wesorick Center is currently raising private funds to help establish the center. Your gift will help Grand Valley State University graduates and researchers continue to refine and develop the models of care that will save lives, improve care and reduce costs.
  • About Bonnie Wesorick
    Bonnie Wesorick, founder of the Clinical Practice Model Resource Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan (now part of Elsevier), is a former faculty member of the Kirkhof College of Nursing. Im very excited to partner with Grand Valley State University, a core leader in the Grand Rapids area that prepares excellent health care providers for our community and beyond, she said. It is my vision that the impact of the centers research and scholarly work will improve every aspect of health care, wherever the hands of those who give and receive care meet.