2nd Annual SNA Career Roundtable

On February 28 more than 40 SNA members joined with 6 KCON Alumni Chapter members for food and roundtable presentations. KCON Alumni Mary Barr, 97 & 02; Pam Wilson, 94; Henrina Cupery, 92; Kristi Potts, 79; Laurel Jander, 80; and Keri Scholten, 97; led discussions on topics such as "Finding Your First Position", "Challenges of ICU/ER after Graduation, and "First 365 Days after Graduation". Sharon Etheridge, 89 assisted with hosting the event. Thanks to all Alumni who helped.

Laurel Jander, 80
Finding Your First Position

Pam Wilson, 94
Travel Nursing

Henrina Cupery, 92
School Nursing