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Kirkhof College of Nursing

Grand Valley State University

Our alumni chapter is joining with the College to recognize exceptional nursing graduates by establishing the Kirkhof College of Nursing Outstanding Alumni Award. We are asking for your help to nominate alumni who are engaged in nursing in ways that make a difference. If you would like to nominate an alumnus, complete and submit the online nomination form. Nominations will be accepted until December 15, 2009.


  1. Has made substantive contributions to the discipline in the form of innovation, publication and/or public service. Is distinguished in his or her career.
  2. Possesses integrity and stature.
  3. Shows a continuing interest in GVSU, and has contributed to one or more programs.
  4. Is a KCON graduate.
  5. Has demonstrated by his or her actions the importance of the education he/she received at GVSU.
  6. Has been graduated for a minimum of five years.
  7. Is available to attend the award ceremony.
  8. Is not a current member of the GVSU Board of Trustees, Alumni Association Board of Directors, full-time faculty or staff.

KCON Alumni Board of Directors; July 2009