KCON Office of Student Services

Hints And Tips To Make Your Advising Appointment Successful

Anticipate your advising needs by scheduling an appointment early. Advisors’ schedules fill up quickly, especially during registration times and at the beginning and end of the semester. When preparing for the March registration period you should plan to meet with your advisor anytime from September to February to create or review an academic plan that you can use to register.

Academic advising is more than preparing your schedule for the upcoming semester. Feel free to discuss academic and non-academic issues relevant to your education with your advisor. It is easier for advisor to help if they have a full understanding of who you are and what your concerns are.

Expect advisors to give you referrals. Advisors are your link to resources across campus designed to facilitate your success.

Register during advanced registration and you will be more likely to get the classes that you want on the days and times that are convenient for you.

Ensure you've had all your transcripts sent to GVSU, whether it’s community college credit, or AP scores. Keeping your records up to date will make sure we know exactly what you need to complete your degree.

What should I do before I go to see my academic advisor? Your education is your responsibility and your advisor can help you through the process in an efficient manner but he or she needs your help! Stay involved!

Why should I bother with an academic advisor? Your advisor will be able to help you answer many questions and functions as a resource person for information about campus programs and services. Your academic advisor knows the degree program you are working on, when courses are offered, what course sequence will serve your purposes, which supportive courses to take and when, how to get information about prerequisites, and so on.

How often do I need to see my academic advisor? At a minimum, you should see your academic advisor before registering each year. It is best not to wait until registration begins, but rather to make an appointment with your advisor in the months before advance registration begins. You can also meet with your advisor anytime you have questions or would like to review your academic plan or other information. Also, if you need assistance with understanding university policy or would like to know about university resources your advisor can assist you.

When is E-mail advising appropriate? E-mail advising is appropriate for quick questions that do not involve extensive research. If your questions require more time or an in-depth look at your records (such as planning a semester of classes), please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor by calling 616-331-7160.

Page last modified April 23, 2010