Patricia Schafer

Faculty Photo

Title: Associate Professor / PhD, RN

Field of Study: Nursing

Office: 348 CHS

Phone: 616-331-7166

Fax: 616-331-2510



Ph.D. in Nursing, University of Pittsburgh
M.N. in Nursing Care of Children, University of Pittsburgh
B.S.N., University of Pittsburgh


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Bostrom, A., Schafer, P., Dontje, K., Pohl, J., Nagelkerk, J., & Cavanagh, S. Electronic health record: Implementation and outcomes across the Michigan Academic Consortium. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing 24(1), 44-52.

Vonderheid,S., Pohl, J., Schafer, P., Forrest, K., Poole, M., Barkauskas, V., & Mackey, T. (2004). Using FTE and RVU performance measures to assess the financial viability of academic nurse-managed primary care centers. Nursing Economics, 22, 124-134.