Free Virus protection for students in GVSU Housing

All students who are living in GVSU housing may obtain free Virus Protection for their wired computers.

To download Symantec AntiVirus

  • At the Bluesocket login
  • Click the prompt Students Only - Free Symantec AntiVirus Software for students currently living in GVSU housing (wired users only)

  • Next note the conditions for download
  • Choose your type of computer

To install Symantec AntiVirus you will agree to the following conditions:

  • I am living in GVSU Campus Housing.
  • I am installing the program on my personal machine.
  • I understand that my copy of Symantec Antivirus is legal as long as I am living in GVSU Campus Housing
  • I may continue to use the program during summer break as long as I am returning to campus housing in the fall
  • I understand that I may install the program only from a wired Housing Port (wireless install in not available)

For questions please contact the Computing and Technology Helpdesk at 616 331-2101 or



Page last modified April 18, 2014