Tips for Students - Before taking a Blackboard online quiz/exam:
  1. Do not click the link to take the quiz until you are actually ready to take it. If the quiz has been set up for a 'single attempt' and you try to open the quiz to just view it and hit Cancel or Back, you will be locked out and you won't be able to access it again unless your instructor resets the attempt. IF this occurs, contact your instructor immediately by email or phone and ask them to reset your exam attempt.
  2. Make sure your browser screen is sized to Maximum before you start the exam. Close down any other programs running on your computer. It's especially important to disable any pop-up blockers that you might have installed before you take the quiz, as these may prevent the quiz from displaying.
  3. If your instructor indicates the exam/quiz must be taken by a specific date, do not wait until the last minute before the due date to take the quiz. If something goes wrong, there may not be enough time resolve the issue before the deadline.
  4. An Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher browser is recommended. Using other browsers may cause problems.
  5. When accessing the quiz, only click the link once. Sometimes it takes a while to load the quiz (give it at least a full minute). If, after clicking once, nothing happens for a while, then e-mail your instructor immediately. Do not keep clicking. If you click twice, you may get a message saying you already took the quiz and you will not be able to access it again.

Tips for Students - While taking the online quiz/exam:

  1. When you begin a timed exam, you'll see the following message: This quiz has a X hour X minute time limit. The clock will start as soon as the quiz is loaded and a timer will display in the lower left corner of the browser screen. When one minute is left a warning will be displayed. If the time limit is exceeded, Blackboard will accept the submission, but will show the overage when the quiz is submitted: Time Elapsed: 1 hour, 5 minutes and 30 seconds out of 1 hour allowed. A red exclamation mark will appear in the gradebook for that assessment item and the instructor will need to grade it manually. (See the Gradebook section for further information.)
  2. Do not resize or refresh your screen after loading the quiz. Most browsers refresh the page when you resize the screen. This means it will try to reload the quiz, and if it is a single attempt quiz, it will again lock you out.
  3. If you use a dial-up connection, make sure your ISP time-out settings are set to the maximum allowed time.
  4. Do not use the back and forward buttons on your Internet browser to move to and from the quiz; instead use the arrow keys to navigate.
  5. Do not click on the button to Submit until you are either done or have run out of time. (But it's equally important to make sure that you do click Submit only once when you are done so the results are recorded in the Gradebook.)
  6. Make sure you do not have spyware on your computer. Visit Viruses page for free spyware programs you can download.

Page last modified February 12, 2009