Student Phone information

TELEPHONE REPAIR - Grand Valley is responsible for repair on GVSU owned telephones and jacks. Repair on your personal telephone is your responsibility. To determine whether the jack or your telephone needs repair make sure it is plugged into the phone jack not the computer jack. If it is plugged in correctly, then take your telephone to another room and use their phone jack. If your phone works, then it is the phone jack. If your phone does not work, then it is your phone and your responsibility to get it repaired. Dial 0 (zero) to report trouble if your telephone works properly at the test jack. Phone must be set to tone (not pulse dialing).

DAMAGE CHARGE - You are responsible for the telephone jack in the room. Do not remove it from its original location or tamper with it. A service charge for testing plus parts may be invoked.

FRAUDULENT TELEPHONE CALLS - Anyone making fraudulent calls will pay the cost of these calls and any collection fees.

Page last modified September 12, 2013