To reach the campus operators dial "0" from on-campus or 616 331-5000 from off-campus.

For customer service dial 616 331-2035 or email
Cisco User Reference Guide
• These are the keys located directly below the LCD screen.
• These keys will change states depending on the status of your phone line (idle, off-hook, connected, etc.)
• Watch these soft-keys for options as you utilize different features on your phone.

To Place, Answer and End Calls:
• Pick up or hang up the handset.
• Activate the headset or speaker phone.
• Use soft-keys: Redial, New Call, Dial, Answer or
End Call, when it is appropriate.

Using Call Hold:
• While on a call, press the Hold soft-key.
• To return to the call, press the Resume soft-key.

Switch from a connected call to answer an incoming “ringing” call (Call Waiting
• Press the Answer soft-key.
• Doing so answers the new call while automatically placing the first call on hold.
• To switch between calls on one line, use the scroll key to select the desired call and press the Resume Soft-key.

Transferring Calls:
1. Press the Transfer soft-key. Your phone will automatically put your original call on hold and open a new line.
2. Dial the extension, or dial 9 and the outside number to which you want to transfer your caller.
3. If you want, announce the caller when the party answers, then hang up.
• To Re-connect to the caller press the line key and then use the Resume soft-key to get the caller back.
• You can’t use Transfer to redirect a call on hold Press Resume to remove the call from hold before transferring.
• Blind: Press Transfer, dial number and hang up.
• Announce: Press Transfer, dial number, wait on the line, announce call, and hang up.
• Direct to voicemail: Press Transfer followed by # (Pound) key, dial VM extension, and hang up.

Forwarding Calls:
• Press the CfwdAll soft-key. You will hear two beeps.
• Dial the number to which you would like to forward the calls.
• To cancel, press the CfwdAll soft-key once.

Forwarding Calls to Voice Mail:
• Press the CfwdAll soft-key. You will hear two beeps.
• Press the Messages button.
• To cancel, press the CfwdAll soft-key once.

Conference Calls
• During a call press the More soft-key, followed by the Confrn soft-key. Your phone will automatically put your original call on hold and open a new line.
• Dial the extension or phone number that you would like to add to the conference.
• When you have your new caller on the line, press the Confrn soft-key again.
• Repeat to add additional callers.

Call Park
• During a call press the More soft-key, followed by the Park soft-key.
• Your phone will automatically select a park number. Note the call park number displayed on your phone screen.
• To retrieve that call, dial the park number on any Cisco phone to connect with the parked caller.
• You have a limited amount of time to retrieve a parked call before it reverts back to the extension from which it was parked.

Features Menu/ User Options:

• Press the Settings button and select “User Preferences”
• Ring type
Play, Select, and Save your ring-type.
• Contrast
• Use the Up and Down soft-key options to change the contrast on your screen.
• Press the Directories button
• Missed Calls
• Received Calls
• Placed Calls
• Corporate Directory
• Search for extensions or people by first name, last name, or extension.

Voice Mail Functions
First Time Enrollment:
• Press the Messages button on your phone.
• Enter your PIN number ___________
• Follow the prompts, you will:
• Record your name
• Record a personal greeting
Check Messages from your phone:
• Press the Messages button.
• Enter your PIN number
Check Messages remotely:
• Dial your VM box number
• Press * when you hear your greeting
• Enter your PIN number followed by #
Dial remote access number to Exchange 616-331-9999
Enter your extension VM box extension number followed by #
Enter your Pin number followed by #
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