GVSU Cellular Phone and Wireless Communication Policy

Personal cellular phones have become as common as home phones and, similarly, cell phones and related wireless devices are not provided to university faculty and staff. However, some university employees may have duties/responsibilities that require them to carry a cell phone or related device to conduct official University business. Such use and expense is subject to the following provisions:

1. Cellular service will only be provided by the two approved GVSU vendors, Nextel/Sprint and Verizon Wireless. Authorized individuals will be grouped with others in pooled minutes usage plans by the GVSU Telecommunications Office, to minimize cost.

2. Executive Officers are responsible for approving either a cell phone or wireless device service before one is provided to any employee. Appointing officers should present written plan and recommendation, by email, demonstrating the need to provide a cell phone to the appropriate executive officer. This plan should include anticipated number of minutes needed each month to conduct university business. Use of more expensive wireless devices, such as Blackberrys, will be very limited and will require a specific need plan.

3. GVSU Telecommunications Office will be notified by an executive/appointing office that providing a cellular phone/wireless device has been approved by the executive officer, by forwarding the above email. The Telecommunications Office will contact the individual (by email) to arrange details. The selection of the appropriate communication device will be made with review with the individual. Selection of the device will be made from the available no-cost options, or lowest cost appropriate device if a no-cost is not appropriate. Individuals preferring a more expensive device may do so by paying the additional purchase price at the time of selection, if this will not result in increased monthly service charges to GVSU.

4. The Telecommunications Office will arrange ordering and set up department billing for devices and services. Monthly plan reimbursement by travel requisition will not be permitted. Adding additional family devices/services will not be permitted.

5. Each Executive Officer will annually review all participation, usage and charges for her/his division. Detailed information will be provided by the Telecommunications Office.

6. The Telecommunications Office tracks usage, plans and expenditures and works with the service providers to structure GVSU's cellular plans in the most efficient and cost effective way.

7. Directory assistance (calls to 411) can cost as much as $1.79 per call from your cell phone. There is a directory assistance number which costs $.37. It is 866 352-8161. This directory assistance number is reserved for GVSU paid cellular users only. Do not share it with others. Exceptions to the above must be approved in advance by the appropriate Executive Office and will be listed in the annual report prepared by the Telecommunications Office as an exception. This policy applies to cell phones paid for by GVSU. If cell phones are provided free of charge by a vendor such as is common in athletics, that agreement would require executive officer approval.

April 2006