Accessing Voicemail from Off Campus

You may access and/or manage your voicemail from off campus.

  • Your voicemail is set up to send a copy of the message to your Outlook email account where you can listen and delete messages.
  • If you have an old style phone, Siemens/Rolm phone (typically beige in color), dial 616-331-8888 for remote access.
  • If you have a newer Cisco phone (typically black in color), dial 616-331-9999 for remote access.
  • Or if you know your voicemail PIN, you may dial your own phone number 616-331-XXXX, when your Unified VM Box greeting answers press the * (asterisk key) and Exchange will ask you for your PIN number.

NOTE: You may reset your voicemail PIN by following the directions at http://www.gvsu.edu/it/telco/index.cfm?id=73EAB03E-F9F8-EFEC-43BB43432713DC2F.

Page last modified September 12, 2013