Sponsor Guest for Temp Wireless Access



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  • If someone you trust needs temporary access to the GVSU wireless connection, you may sponsor them so that they will have a GVSU username and password.
  • First, go to the main GVSU IT web page at www.gvsu.edu/it. Then under the Faculty/Staff section on the far left side, select Wireless Access (On-Campus, Off-Campus) at the bottom of the list.

Wireless Access Menu

  • On the next webpage, single click the text: 'Sponsor a Wireless Guest'.

Internet Access List

  • You will get the following login page. Enter your GVSU network account username and password and click on the Login button.

Sponsor Portal

  • Once you are on the Sponsor Portal page, you have several choices. You may add a new sponsor, view existing sponsorships, change the sponsor portal settings or logout of the portal.
  • Lets add a new sponsorship. Click on either Enter Guest Account Information in the middle of the page or 'Create Single Account' on the lower left side.

Sponsor Portal - Getting Started

  • Enter the guest information for at least the required fields. This is the information of the non-GVSU person who needs temporary wireless access, not the sponsor's information.

Guest Info Blank

  • Example:

Guest Info Filled

  • Click the Submit Button.
  • You will get the following information when the guest account is created. Pass along the Username and Password to the guest so they can login (instructions on how to login on next page).

Guest Info Success

  • To view all of your sponsorships click on either 'Guest User Accounts List' or 'View Guest Accounts' (on the left side of the main page).

Guest Account List 1

  • You can highlight a guest account and perform some administrator commands, such as Edit or Delete, Re-instate, Suspend or Print.

Guest Account List 2

  • When you are done with your guest account sponsorship request, click on 'Logout' in the upper right corner of the main sponsor page.


How a Guest Logs Onto the GV-Guest Wireless Network

Note: This network is for GVSU guests and Faculty/Staff and Student devices that are not capable of using other SSID's.

  1. Select the GV-Guest network name on your wireless device.
  2. The Wireless Access page will appear, enter your username and password if you are Faculty/Staff/Student or the account your sponsor gave you if you are a guest and click 'Login' (You may need to launch Internet Explorer to get the access page to appear).
  3. The Acceptable Use page will appear, if you agree to the policy, click the check box to accept the terms and conditions. Next, click on the 'Accept' button.
  4. You may be notified about a pop-up, please allow this pop-up by right-clicking the information bar and allowing the site. Next you should see the actual pop-up window.
  5. You are now connected to the GV-Guest wireless network.

Note: Older laptops, Windows XP machines and other devices may have wireless technology that is too old or incompatible to connect to our new GVSU wireless system.

Page last modified April 18, 2014