Click to View DescriptionAdd a User Account

Allows a user or group of users to login into a computer with their network login.

Click to View DescriptionChange Power Options

Lets you change how long you want the computer inactive before it goes to sleep. If using a laptop, it allows you to set what happens when you close the lid.

Click to View DescriptionRequest Remote Help

Allows a user to have someone remotely connect to their computer to help resolve an issue.

Click to View DescriptionSet Default Applications

Allows a user to set what their default applications are.

Click to View DescriptionUpdating Symantec Virus Definitions

Allows a user to update their Symantec Virus Definitions. The latest virus definitions are recommended to guarantee the best protection from viruses and other malicious software.

Click to View DescriptionHow to Create Desktop Shortcuts in Windows 7

How to create desktop shortcuts for files, folders, web addresses, etc.

Page last modified April 18, 2014