Connecting to the VPN with a GVSU Windows 7 Computer





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  • Go to, login with your username and password (no dept.)
  • You may need to download a program.
  • Once the VPN client window opens you will see the following.

VPN Main Window

  • Under Client Applications Sessions at the bottom of the screen, click the 'Start" button to load the Network Connect application.
  • Follow the Using Network Connect instructions below.
  • You may now access your N: & L: drives directly from the shortcuts on the desktop.


Using Network Connect

  • Network Connect is a client application that the secure gateway installs on your computer. Once you start the application it provides a secure tunnel through the secure gateway to your corporate network from a remote location, such as customer site, conference kiosk, or home office. Using this secure tunnel, you can access your N: drive and L: drive.

To begin a Network Connect session:

  • Click the Start button next to Network Connect in the Client Application Sessions panel.
  • Wait for the secure gateway to download the Network Connect applications to your computer. The Network Connect status window opens and an icon appears in the Windows Taskbar when your session begins, indicating that the secure tunnel to GVSU network is open:

Ending Your Network Connect Session

  • To end your Network Connect session and sign out of the secure gateway, click the Sign Out icon in the VPN window.

VPN Sign Out

Page last modified May 29, 2015