Add and Remove Network Printers





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Adding a Printer

  • Open the Applications folder from the Go menu in Finder, dock, or Finder sidebar.
  • Locate the GVSU Printers application and double click to open.

GVSU Printers Application

  • A network drive will appear on the desktop called GVSU-PRINTERS. Double click to open.

GVSU Printers Network Drive

  • There will be three folders, one for your department, Public-Printers, and also XEROX Copiers. The XEROX Copiers are organized by building location.

Macintosh Printers Folder

  • Inside of these folders, there will be a Macintosh-Printers folder. Double click to open.

Macintosh Printers Building Window

  • Double click on the printers you would like to add.

Macintosh Printer Scripts

  • If you receive an error while trying to add the printer, contact the IT Helpdesk at 331-2101.


Removing a Printer

  • Open System Preferences, located under the Apple menu in the upper left corner.
  • Click on Print & Fax

System Preferences - Print & Fax

  • Select the printer you would like to remove and click the minus button at the bottom to remove it.

Remove Printer Window


Page last modified June 14, 2013