Add a User Account

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  • Double-click on the Manage User Login Ability Icon on the Desktop.

Manage User Login Ability


  • It May take a minute, but a window will appear that looks like the one below.

Manage User Login Menu


  • Double-click on Administrator at the top.
  • The window below should appear. Click the Add button.

Admin Screen


  • In the box that says “Enter the object names to select” enter the name or username of the user(s) you want to add.
Select Users Window
  • If you want to make it so anyone in your department can login, instead of a username enter your department name.
  • Once you have who you want to add, click on the Check Names Button. If the name is correct, it will underline it. If not, it will tell you it cannot find the user.

Add User Screen Underlined


  • Once it is correct click OK. It will bring you to the previous window. You can click Apply and OK. You can now close the windows you opened and you are  all done.

Page last modified October 31, 2012