R: Drive Information For Faculty


From your office computer, SAVE files to the R: drive:

    Course Handouts, Presentations
Templates, Homework Assignments
Syllabus, etc.


Students in campus computer labs can:

    Read the files
Print the files
Save the files to a disk


Students cannot modify or delete files on R:


Faculty can

    Create Folders
Save Files
Delete Files
Modify Files



    Files Remain Secure -- Students cannot change them
Reduce Departmental Printing Costs
Make Last-Minute Changes to Handouts that are immediately available to students
Students may access the R: Drive from off campus by logging into vpn.student.gvsu.edu



Use a Blackboard class
Students can access materials from home--if they have a computer with a modem, and the appropriate software
E-mail course materials
Again, students must have appropriate equipment and software
E-reserve at the library
The library will address all copyright issues, scan the document, and place it on close reserve for students to access.

How to Use

    You may access the R: drive by logging into vpn.gvsu.edu
( file://labdata/VOL1/DATA/ )

Page last modified August 25, 2009