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Qualtrics Tips and Tricks

How can I improve the Academic Experience? Leaders in education are innovating on how to improve the campus experience for students, employees, and alumni. We welcome you to watch this 30-minute recorded session outlining how Qualtrics can help you achieve your institutional goals with Academic Experience Management (AXM).

How can I make my reports match our branded colors? Create a custom default color palette to use throughout your report. Watch this short video to learn how!


  • Use validation to prevent human error on your digital forms. Ensure you’re capturing the correct contact information by verifying that the text (i.e. email address) in two text entry boxes match using validation. For step-by-step instructions, read this support page
  • Qualtrics has introduced a new support request form to resolve issues even faster and provide access to their new chat support tool. Try out the new link yourself via the “Help” tab in Qualtrics or at
  • The Qualtrics Calendar Question is a hidden gem embedded in the Qualtrics Survey Library. Use this question type to add a calendar date selector to your registration forms. Here's a short video to show you how to customize the calendar question type.

For additional tips, tricks, and Qualtrics help, please visit the Qualtrics Support page.