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myPath Frequently Asked Questions

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Using the myPath Calculators

What is the Term Calculator?
The Term Calculator will show an estimated cumulative GPA after filling in the hypothetical grade information. By putting in current earned credits and GPA and placing in-progress courses in the table (this will automatically default to the current semester) along with the anticipated grade indicated for each course a revised cumulative GPA will be calculated based on the estimates provided.
What is the Advice Calculator?
The Advice calculator indicates the number of credits and grades needed to obtain (if possible) a student’s desired GPA.
What is the GPA Calculator?
This will indicate what is needed to obtain a desired GPA.
Is this calculated GPA guaranteed?
No. This is an estimate only.
Why can’t a student select a grade of “P” or “CR”?
These grades do not count in the GPA. These courses should not be included in the expected course list when calculating GPA.


Page last modified February 21, 2012