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Blackboard Learn™ : Helping you bring together the right set of tools to deliver a more effective learning experience. Opening up the technology and removing barriers so you can focus on the fundamentals, manage outcomes and improve performance in real time.


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 Getting Started with Video Everywhere (Record from Webcam)

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Q & A
When will my Blackboard Courses for the next semester be available

Courses for an upcoming semester will be created and made available to the instructor of record 5 weeks before the end of the current semester.
Student enrollments will be added to upcoming courses 3 weeks before the end of the current semester.


Student Response Systems:  In addition to TurningPoint, Top Hat, and Learning Catalytics solutions available at GVSU, Blackboard offers a student response system that is completely free for students and faculty.   Polls by Blackboard offers real-time polling, doesn’t require any hardware, and works on any device including SMS text messaging.  There is also an iPhone app available.  The solution also offers a unique geo-location feature that makes joining a poll quick and easy.  Students can vote anonymously or login with Facebook credentials.  As this is a new service, the only question type available is multiple choice.
To get started, simply go to to create a poll for students.  More information is available here:

Video on Blackboard's New Inline Assignment Grading:

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Information Technology Helpdesk

010 Mary Idema Pew Library 
Phone: 616-331-2101
Toll Free: 855-435-7488  ---   (855 helpgvu)
Blackboard E-mail:
Information Technology E-mail:


Suggestions for Blackboard:
If you would like to make a suggestion to Blackboard on design or features please visit and click Recommendations. Our product line is called Learn.



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