To the Macintosh User Community at GVSU,

Apple has released its new operating system called Mavericks. It is free and available to all for immediate upgrade.

Although the upgrade can be downloaded and applied to your GVSU Macintosh, Information Technology CANNOT support it at this time. 

If you do upgrade your Macintosh to Mavericks, you will not be able to access your network shares.  This includes departmental data, your private drive, your backup drive and the GVSU Printers drive.

Information Technology will be working with Apple Engineers to determine what the problem is and hopefully in a future update, will be resolved.  

During this time, we highly recommend that you verify that any other applications you are running, will work under the Maverick OS.

We will keep you posted!

For questions, please contact the helpdesk at 616 331-2324 or



Page last modified April 21, 2014