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All GVSU students are able to ride the Grand Rapids City Buses for free with a valid GVSU Student ID. The most popular route is Route 50, which runs from the Allendale Campus to the Grand Rapids Campus all day, every day. Other routes will take you to other GVSU buildings, as well as around the city of Grand Rapids. Please visit the website for route details and times. The Greyhound bus travels from Grand Rapids throughout the US. Click here to go to their website. Megabus is a cheaper bus option from Chicago to Detroit. Click here to go to their website.



Amtrak is located in Grand Rapids that can take to you to Chicago, Detroit, and throughout the US. Click here to get to their website.



The Gerald R. Ford Airport is the Grand Rapids airport. The airlines located in the airport are: Air Canada, Air-Tran Airways, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, and United Airlines. Click here for their website. To find the best deals on flights, try looking on these websites: 







Airfare Watchdog 

Other great traveling websites: 





Renting a car

Renting a Car: 

Want to take a road trip to northern Michigan, Chicago, Canada, or just to get away? Here is a list of car rental companies you can find in Grand Rapids and throughout the US: 


Budget Rent a Car 

Dollar Rent a Car ( Coupon available



National Car Rental 

Thrifty Car Rental 

Age Requirement: 

Most car rental companies have different age requirements depending on the state you are renting it from. Michigan can range from 18 to 21 to 25 as the minimum age. Its recommended that you call the location of the car rental and ask what the requirements are. Also note that there may be an additional fee for younger drivers. 

Drivers License: 

A valid drivers license is required to rent a car. If your drivers license is in a language other than English, an International Drivers Permit may be required. Check with the car rental company to see what will be required for you! 


Insurance is optional but recommended in case of an accident. Each car rental company has different insurance options so be sure to ask about them!

Rent a bike

Rent a Bike: 

Bikes may be rented on campus to students per semester or year. Costs are: $40 refundable process fee (refunded to student account upon return of the bike) AND $25 per Fall or Winter Semester OR $40 for both Fall and Winter Semesters OR $15 for Spring/Summer Semester Click here for more details on how to rent a bike! There are two bike pumps on the south side of campus. One is behind Connection, inside the area where the dumpsters are located. Another is on the Facilities building, just east of Niemeyer. There is a hose on the front of the building by the garage door.