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MI Driver


Application:You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a Michigan Driver’s License or State ID. A list of the required documents, as well as the application can be found on the Secretary of State website.

Drivers Testing Services of Michigan, Inc.
Adrian Dang, Instructor and Examiner
1275 Prairie Parkway, Wyoming, MI 49509
Phone: 616-530-1236

Buying a car

General Advice for Buying a Car: 

Think carefully about whether you really need a car. The costs will be quite high (insurance could cost $300 per month or more, plus fuel costs, the car purchase itself, taxes, campus parking permit, maintenance, etc.).
- First, check to see if your driver´s license is valid in the U.S. (you can check at the Michigan Secretary of State

- 1 Division Ave N Grand Rapids, MI 49503  Phone: 888-767-6424).

- If your license is not valid, you will need to apply for a Michigan drivers license at the Secretary of State.

- Next, search for a car to buy (Craigslist, AutoTrader, local car dealers, etc.) 

If you find an appropriate car, before you buy it:

- Talk to an insurance company about insurance costs, which can vary widely from car to car and company to company (one option: State Farm, 6414 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale, MI 49401  Phone: 616-895-7161).

- You will need to purchase insurance to legally drive the car, so buy it before you actually purchase the car.

- With valid insurance you can now purchase the car.

- If you purchase the car at a dealer, the dealer will help you with all of forms needed for a license plate, registration, and title.

- If you buy a car from a private party, you will need to go to the Secretary of State to fill out the forms for a license plate, registration, and title. (Tip: watch the expiration date on the sticker on the license plate, since driving with an expired license plate is illegal).

- Note that you must pay 6% Michigan sales tax on the purchase price of the car.

- To get a parking permit for the GVSU campuses, you must go to the GVSU police department. The parking permit will cost about $175 per semester.