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Md Nahid Pervez


Md Nahid Pervez grew up in Bangladesh and attended Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) for his undergraduate degree. He describes BUET as the top engineering school in Bangladesh. He started at BUET in 2006 and graduated in 2011 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He worked at BUET for a short time after graduation, finishing up a large research project, before deciding to attend graduate school in the United States. He first heard about Grand Valley from two faculty members employed at GVSU who are also BUET graduates. These professors told Md Nahid that GVSUs Engineering program is very practical and hands-on, which is what he was looking for.
He says that many of his peers who attend other schools in the United States feel that their only career option after finishing a masters degree in Engineering is to get a Ph.D. and enter academia. This is not the case with GVSU. He says GVSUs Engineering masters program prepares students for a variety of different careers. For his assistantship, Md Nahid works on the Lake Michigan Wind Energy Project, a six million dollar project. The heart of the project is an unmanned buoy system in Lake Michigan which assesses the wind potential over the Great Lakes region so that wind turbines may eventually be installed in the region. Md Nahid is building the software tool used to assess the data retrieved by the buoy system. He also gets to take two-and-a-half hour boat rides out to the buoys on occasion! When he arrived at GVSU in Fall 2011, it was his first time in the United States and his first time outside of Bangladesh. He did experience some culture shock. He was living near Calvin College at the time, and felt lucky to have a friend there, but there was nothing to do. He had no car and was lonely and bored, which he found to be a major contrast to Bangladesh, which is densely populated. However, he made some very close friends very quickly who have helped him adjust to life here. Language was bit of a barrier at first, as he learned how to greet people and how to use slang. Food was a challenge as well. What is American food, he asks? There really isnt any such thing! He says the restaurant food here filled his stomach, but not his heart, so he began to cook for himself. Md Nahid will graduate from GVSU in April of 2013 with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He would like to complete a Ph.D. eventually and enter the classroom as a professor, but not right now. He is too tired of being a broke college student! He says that now is a great time to find work in West Michigan for mechanical engineers, and he hopes to find employment here after graduation.