Daniel Warari


Daniel Warari was born and raised in the suburbs of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and began to travel soon after finishing high school. He received his undergraduate degree here at Grand Valley, although he began his undergraduate studies at Nilai University in Malaysia. When he was first recruited to come to Grand Valley, he had no idea that our wonderful school even existed! When he arrived at GVSU in the Fall of 2006, it was his first time in the United States. Although he did experience some mild culture shock at first, he believes that having a brother study here previously helped prepare him for life in the United States. Getting used to the Michigan cold was one of the biggest adjustments for Daniel. 

The first two months he spent here, the weather was quite mild, but then it finally snowed, and he was shocked at the sight, having never seen snow up close before. The food served on campus was also a bit of a challenge for him to adjust to, so he did a lot of cooking for himself, trying to save money and eat healthy. He received his BBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) in December of 2009. Soon after graduation, he got a job at North Carolina State University, and quickly realized that he loved working in the university setting, so perhaps he should look for a graduate program that would allow him to have a career in Higher Education. That led Daniel back to GVSU and the CSAL (College Student Affairs) master’s program. He landed an assistantship in the Financial Aid office where his title is Customer Service Graduate Assistant. He helps students with FAFSA apps, scholarships, grants, awards, and meets with parents, and during the summer he helps process financial aid awards for students. He likes how he gets to use two of his strengths, in information technology and business, in his assistantship. Daniel enjoys how hands on the CSAL program is, and was surprised at how well-known and well-respected it is around the United States. He is scheduled to graduate with his M.Ed. in Spring 2014, but he may finish as early as Fall 2013. After graduation, he hopes to work as an adviser in Higher Education here in the United States, but, he says, it depends on where God takes him.



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