Current Students


Tuition: Find details on amount owed, payment deadline dates and methods of payment accepted by Grand Valley.


Housing: Explore and apply for on-campus housing opportunities and roommate selections, as well as find off-campus housing options.


Academics: Learn about tutoring opportunities, classroom expectations, course placements, testing-out of courses, transcript and credit transfers and the importance of plagiarism.

Culture Shock

Culture Shock: Investigate resources for transitioning to life here at Grand Valley and in the United States, and discover ways to get involved on-campus.

Scholarships and Loans

Scholarships and Loans: Apply for scholarships and loans available to international students.


Regulations: Find information on F-1 and J-1 regulations, work authorizations and city, state and federal taxes.

MI Drivers License and State ID

MI Drivers License and State ID: Apply for your original drivers license, renew a current Michigan license or request a State Identification card.

Social Security

Social Security: Find information on applying for your Social Security card as an F-1 or J-1 status student.


Services: See other resources offered through Grand Valley such as insurance, apostilles, notary publics, letters of invitation and letters of verification for attendance and finance.


Transportation: Locate information concerning bike rentals, bus options, taxi services, car rentals, train stations and airports.

Page last modified March 13, 2017