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Ahmed Lachheb


Ahmed Lachheb is from Sfax, Tunisia. He earned his B.A. in English Language Literature & Civilization from the University of Sfax (The Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Sfax). He began his graduate studies at Grand Valley with the Fall 2010 semester. He is seeking a Master of Education degree with an emphasis in Educational Technology from the College of Education. For his graduate assistantship, Ahmed is doing research and teacher assisting for the Department of Special Education, Foundations, and Technology on the Pew Campus. He is doing research on a variety of topics, including ubiquitous computing and educational technology in both K-12 and Higher Education settings, and is assisting with teaching ED 180  Intro to Teaching.
When Ahmed arrived in the United States in August of 2010 for International Student Orientation at Grand Valley, it was his first time in the United States. He was shocked by how cold it was in Michigan, and really disliked American food, including cheese and fries, but not anymore! He also was surprised at how much the American students partied, that professors had office hours and students were asked to evaluate their professors, and he found that the type of assignments he had to do (and the grading scales) were very different from back home. However, he quickly adjusted to U.S. culture, and is now thriving as the President of the International Student Organization at Grand Valley. After he graduates from Grand Valley, Ahmed plans to pursue a PhD, likely at University of Indiana-Bloomington, in Instructional Technology, and become a professor.