Integrated Science Secondary Endorsement

DI Secondary Endorsement: Purpose and rationale

The Integrated Science (ISCI) Program currently enrolls students who are interested in teaching at the K-8 level. We serve the Greater Grand Rapids Area and most of west Michigan. Our teacher-education program is well respected and recently we have had several requests from our current students and in-service teachers to offer an Integrated Science Secondary major and/or endorsement. In response to this need, we recently applied for and received approval for an Integrated Science Secondary Major and Endorsement (DI-Secondary).

Many of our secondary science majors are interested in teaching science at middle schools. However, even with a major and minor in two science areas they are not considered highly qualified to teach science in seventh and eighth grade. Our goals is to allow students who have declared a science major and minor to complete additional courses for an Integrated Science Secondary endorsement. This endorsement will allow them to teach in the major and minor in grades 7-12 and "Science" courses at the junior high school level (7-8). There is need for teachers with these qualifications in our in local school districts. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) will allow teachers with the DI-Secondary endorsement to teach Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics at the secondary level.

Below are a list of links for items related to this program:

Advising Sheet - This document indicates the additional courses candidates will need to complete for a DI secondary endorsement. This assumption is based on a major with its required cognates. The credits may be further reduced if the required courses are completed as part of the teachable minor.

Sequence of Coursework - This document outlines the recommended order courses are completed for each of the disciplines. The courses are all required for DI secondary endorsement and are linked to a sample syllabus for that course.

Approval of Program - This document, from the State of Michigan explains the programs approval.

Plan Program Sheet

Program Information - This document illustrates the connection between the DI secondary certification and it's parent program. The requirements and time frame to receive DI secondary certification are included in the document.

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