Integrated Science Program

Integrated Science Program with Elementary Teacher Certification

"The integrated science program was exactly what I wanted. The courses were interesting and focused on inquiry-based learning. I learned a large number of hands-on, effective teaching strategies that I use in my current position as a 21st Century Site Coordinator at Hesperia Middle School. Through the integrated science program you also have the opportunity to work closely with faculty, developing and presenting science lessons, and even getting published!"

Dan Postema
Integrated Science Alumnus

The Integrated Science major is designed for students seeking certification to teach at the elementary and/or middle school level. It provides the student with broad exposure in all the sciences and emphasizes the connections between the scientific disciplines, their relationship with technology, and their relevance to society. In addition, a significant amount of time is dedicated to different teaching and learning styles, some of which are modeled in various courses. In order to be certified students must complete this major with at least a 2.7 GPA, the Elementary Teaching minor, and the College of Education professional program.

Integrated Science majors are prepared for teaching using National Science Standards guidelines for professional development of teachers. Our students learn essential science content through the perspectives and methods of inquiry; integrate knowledge of science, learning, pedagogy, and apply that knowledge to science teaching. On completion of this cohesive and integrated program, pre-service teachers understand the importance of lifelong learning.

Kids at work in the classroom.Students enrolled in the program have numerous opportunities to grow as professionals. Students generally join the Michigan Science Teachers Association and GVSU's student chapter of the National Science Teachers Association. There are many opportunities to attend regional and national meetings as part of course work requirements and/or independently. Integrated Science majors are also active in the community and heavily involved in service learning in area schools. Our graduates are also encouraged to participate in the programs of the Regional Math and Science Center housed at GVSU.

The Integrated Science Program faculty collaborates with colleagues in the College of Education to place our student in classrooms with experienced science teachers. Our graduates have a unique combination of skills and experiences that are highly valued by most school districts.

A downloadable worksheet is available that summarizes requirements for the major and helps in planning for it. Also see the sample schedule of classes for the degree and certification.

The old Group Science Major, which the new program replaces, is no longer admitting students.

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