Financially sponsored by Grand Valley
As a scholar financially sponsored by Grand Valley State University, your first step upon arrival to the United States is to make an appointment and meet with Luanne Brown in the Payroll Department to complete the necessary documents for finances and taxes, as well as a W8 BEN and Foreign National Information Form.
If you are receiving a stipend, you will need to schedule an appointment with Troy VanKoevering.
To see if the United States has a tax treaty with your country, resulting in a possible reduction or exemption of taxation on U.S. based income, visit the IRS website: United States Income Tax Treaties – A to Z. You can also direct any questions concerning tax treaties to Luanne Brown in the Payroll Office.
All scholars will need to file taxes on the federal, state and local levels.
Financially sponsored by non-Grand Valley institution
All scholars financially sponsored by institutions other than Grand Valley State University have no legal requirements with the university in regards to finances. However, you will still need to file U.S. taxes.

Page last modified December 6, 2012