Visa & Immigration Status

B-1: Business & Pleasure Visitor Visa
The B-1 visa is typically used for short-term scholars visiting Grand Valley to give a guest lecture or other public speaking engagement. If you are a B-1 visa holder, you will typically receive an invitation letter from the university before arriving. A visa is required unless you are a citizen of a visa waiver country. Information on visa waiver countries is available on the Department of State website.

Upon entering the country as a B-1 scholar, you will receive a date-specific   I-94. This date-specific I-94 lets you know on which date you must depart the country. If you are receiving an honorarium, you must follow a specific Honorarium process to ensure payment.

J-1: Exchange Visitor Program
The J-1 visa covers scholars for a varied length of time based on the work they do while in the United States. If you are a J-1 scholar, you must receive a visa, a DS-2019, and pay the SEVIS fee. In order to have your SEVIS fee reimbursed, you must bring the receipt to either Troy VanKoevering or Kate Stoetzner in the International Office. 
It is required that you check-in with the International office once you arrive at Grand Valley. Proof of health insurance is also required, either from your home country or from a policy purchased upon arrival at Grand Valley.
Upon arrival in the country as a J-1 scholar, you will receive an I-94. Your date of departure can be no longer than 30 days after your DS-2019 expires.

H-1: Nonimmigrant Visa
The H-1 visa process is handled through the Human Resources Department and is typically applicable to faculty members on a tenure track. If you are an H-1 visa scholar, you must contact Linda Yuhas in the Human Resources Department, as well as work with your specific faculty department before coming to the United States.
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