Scholars staying for a short period of time or staying long-term that need to investigate off campus housing options upon arrival to Grand Valley should view the list of nearby hotels.

Alumni House:
Located on campus, the Alumni House is one option for short-term scholars. To view availability for overnight accommodations at the Alumni House, visit the Alumni House website.
Guest Housing:
Additional on campus housing options in or near student residences can be found on the Residential Camps and Conferences website under the Housing website. Grand Valley on campus housing does come furnished. They include furniture, but require an additional fee for linens and bedding.
If you are interested in staying in the Grand Valley condo on Lake Michigan Dr., please email Troy VanKoevering for pricing and availability.
Off-Campus Apartments:
While on-campus housing is simple and convenient, alternative housing options located off campus provide additional options to you as an international scholar. In addition to needing a Social Security number, you will most likely be asked for the first and last months of rent payments upfront.
NOTE: Most off-campus landlords will request a social security number as part of the lease agreement. Receiving a Social Security number cannot be done before arriving in the United States. The entire process may take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to complete.
Apartments in the United States typically come unfurnished, meaning without furniture or bedding.
Renter’s Insurance:
We recommend you purchase renter’s insurance to cover the belongings inside your apartment. In case of damage to these belongings, Grand Valley is not liable.
LewerMark Insurance Plans is introducing RentersPlan , an individual personal contents insurance policy they can purchase for as little as $7.90/month* to protect the valuable personal items you’ve brought to school – jewelry, computer equipment, stereo and TV equipment, cameras and accessories, furniture, sporting goods, books, keepsakes, clothes –


For more information visit www.LewerMark.com , click RentersPlan for plan details and purchase.

Or click here and here.


Page last modified August 12, 2013