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Company: Xerox Corp.
Analyst: Hunter Lewis
Sector: Information Technology (NYSE:XRX)

Winter 2011 Buy Summary:

Eric Bridges - General Member Presentation

          Xerox is the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management.  Since its inception as a paper and equipment manufacturer in 1906, Xerox has grown immensely in its product development and offerings.  However, increased competition and decreasing profit margins have been a driving force for change within the company. Since the start of the twenty-first century, Xerox has been re-inventing its brand towards a more profitable service-related enterprise.   The recent acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a business process outsourcing giant, effectively tripled Xerox’s service revenues and grew Xerox into a $22 billion company that operates in 160 countries.   

          Xerox’s dedication to innovation and sustainability keeps them atop the Office Equipment sub-industry.  In 2010 alone, Xerox was awarded over 1,000 patents.  In addition to their patents, Xerox has started many initiatives aimed at preserving forests, reducing energy use, and reducing waste through increased recycling of paper and spent ink cartridges.  The commitment to sustainability displayed by Xerox aligns well with Grand Valley’s own sustainability initiatives.

          The company is currently rated as a strong buy from Standard & Poor’s. With a target price 47% above IPO’s purchase price, along with the new focus on services and strong leadership at the top, Xerox should perform well in the IPO portfolio for years to come.

Fall 2011 Analyst Report:



Cory Mohr - Portfolio Manager

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