Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization

The Challenge is open to any student that has not previously participated in the Challenge, is not currently a CFA charterholder, and is not currently in a job whose primary function is fundamental company analysis unless it was an internship that did not exceed 6 months.  

If you are interested in stock analysis and you are willing to put in a significant amount of time, then you should consider participating in the Challenge.  While it is recommended that you have taken FIN 321 and 322 at a minimum, they are not a requirement.  If you have some understanding of equity markets, feel comfortable with your ability to learn outside of the classroom (which you will do a lot of regardless of how many finance classes you have already taken at GVSU), and have an instinctual curiosity and passion for continual learning, then this Challenge is perfect for you!  

Page last modified March 14, 2014