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Company: Stryker Corp.
Sector: Healthcare (NYSE:SYK)

Stryker Corporation operates as a medical technology company worldwide. It was founded in 1941 and is headquartered in Kalamazoo, MI. The corporations main focuses are Orthopedic Implants and MedSurg Equipment. SYK sells its products through local dealers and direct sales force to doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities in over 120 countries. Today SYK is among the 12 largest medical technology companies around the world.

Reform efforts may not have a large impact on the industry, as many implantation procedures are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.  A series of Department of Justice investigations, however, into improper marketing practices by device manufacturers and large scale recalls have been factors in spurring discussion for the need to tighten regulations around how firms do business.  

Stryker is the newest stock added to the IPO portfolio. Its main competitors include Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific Corp.  Analysts report SYK shares  up 13% in 2009 with continued growth expected.

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