Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization


Deadline: February 20th, 2013

Date: April 3rd-6th

Cost: $100


What is RISE?

RISE is the Redefining Investment Strategy Education conference. It is an opportunity to learn about the world of finance, investments, and the different opportunities that are out there after graduation.

For more information, visit the RISE website here.

Why should you attend RISE?

Past RISE attendees have developed their interests in Finance, and the conference is a great way to find your true passion. It looks great on your resume, and is something to talk about an interview. Members who have gone to RISE in previous years have mentioned it as the best part about being in IPO.

Most people will be missing a few classes, and many professors are very accomodating if they know you are going to a professional conference that will help you find a job after graduation.



Wednesday Afternoon - Meet at the downtown Grand Valley campus and leave for Dayton, OH.

Wednesday Night - Arrive in Dayton and get acquainted with the surrounding area.

Thursday - Attend many different panelists speaking on the US economy, emerging markets, alternative investments, diversifiation, currency, etc.

Friday - Individual breakout sessions on topics varying from stock analysis, hedge funds, currency trading, portfolio management, and much more.

Saturday Morning - Career Strategies and Faculty Research Presentations.

Saturday Night - Arrive back at Grand Valley's downtown campus.

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