Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization


GVSU Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization

Membership Packet 2014 - 2015


Executive Board Members

Jake Freeland – President

Ryan Dombrowski – V.P. of Portfolio Management

Kaitlyn Hudspeth – V.P. of Operations

Matt Brandon – V.P. of Marketing

Ryan Hoogstra – Treasurer

Brandon Moore – Secretary


Portfolio Managers

Jake Gauruder

Jonathan Lesiak

Yamato Tomaru

Andrew Hamilton 

Andrew Otten



I. Overview

Seidman IPO’s goal is to foster interaction among students interested in investing and to enhance their career opportunities. The functions of the club include regular meetings, trips, speakers, and social events. Students will get opportunities to speak with successful business men and women throughout the year and unique internship opportunities may arise for some members.


II. 2013-2014 Objectives

  • Educate members about various investment strategies, techniques and philosophies
  • Introduce members to various networking opportunities in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Economics
  • Allow members to participate in the management of the Seidman IPO student-managed portfolio
  • Encourage members to become active in their community through various community service opportunities
  • Create a social group that engages in social gatherings such as movie nights, ice skating, and trips
  • Establish opportunities for underclassmen to receive mentorship and guidance from other members in the group


III. Meeting Time and Location

General Meetings will commence promptly at 6:00 P.M. on Thursday nights in DEV 138E.  A schedule will be available online at to show which dates will have general meetings and which nights will have other hosted events that IPO will be in attendance.


IV. Membership

Membership will be maintained by attending at least 6 meetings per semester. In addition, members must attend one out of two of the Professional Development Series presentations hosted by GVSU Career Services each semester. Amnesty may be granted for students attending less than the required number of meetings by a majority vote from the IPO Executive Board for absences deemed as unforeseeable and/or unavoidable.

*Note: Although it is required to attend only one PDS, missing one will count as one of the two allotted absences, so attending both PDS events each semester is highly encouraged.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, members must complete three (3) hours of community service or fundraising for the organization. Community service and fundraising activities can include any of the IPO organized or sponsored activities, including but not limited to Junior Achievement, Habitat for Humanity, Campus Blood Drives, Relay for Life, Sibs and Kids Weekend, and any other IPO community service activity or fundraiser.

Official Membership will be granted to members who have completed the membership for one (1) full semester and will allow that member to officially proclaim membership status for resumes, job interviews, etc. Only official IPO members are eligible to be nominated for Executive Board positions, and likewise, only official members may vote during IPO Executive Board Elections. Furthermore, official membership status may be revoked in the event that a member fails to complete the membership requirements for a semester.


In summary, the membership requirements are as follows:

  • Attend at least 6 IPO general meetings
  • Join the IPO group on OrgSync
  • Upload your resume to LakerJobs
  • Complete three (3) hours of IPO organized community service or fundraisers


V. Student-Managed Portfolio

All attending members (not just official members) will be eligible to vote in all portfolio management decisions for the student-managed portfolio if the following requirements are met:

  • The member has attended all, if any, meetings prior to the voting period, which contain any type of presentation or discussion that is relevant for the matter being voted…
  • And the member has completed the outside research that would be adequate and necessary to make a well-informed decision.


To download the full historic membership requirements as a word document: Membership Requirements

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