Seidman Investment Portfolio Organization



In order to be considered a Seidman IPO member the following attendance guidelines must be met:


I.  General Meetings

  1. Each member shall attend 70% of the general meetings.
  2. General meetings include all regularly scheduled meetings including nights we host a speaker.
  3. The percentage will be rounded up at 69.5%
  4. New ‘recruits’ will start with a fresh attendance policy with no penalty for not being present at prior meetings.
  5. They must meet all requirements for the remainder of the semester, and all subsequent semesters.
  6. At the first meeting of each semester, a calendar will be provided to make clear all meeting dates, etc.  Therefore, each potential member will know from day one how many meetings the must attend.


II.  Professional Development Series (PDS)

  1. Each member will attend one PDS per semester
  2. Typically there are two scheduled per semester, therefore each member must attend half of the PDS events.


III. Consecutive Absences

  1. No member shall be absent from more than two consecutive meetings.
  2. Obvious exceptions to this rule will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    1. An officer vote will determine the exceptions merit.


IV. Failure to Comply

  1. All of the above three conditions must be met in order to be considered a member. 
  2. Non-members (those who do not comply) are always welcome to attend and participate, however, they will not be considered IPO members by the organization or the Seidman School of Business.
  3. Each semester can be considered a fresh start for those wishing to be considered members.  There are no attendance penalties carried over from one semester to the next.


V. Record-Keeping and Disputes

  1. The Secretary of the organization will keep all attendance records.
  2. All records are public knowledge and may be requested at any time.
  3. Any attendance disputes must first be presented to the Secretary.
  4. In the case the dispute cannot be resolved, the Secretary will brief the President on the situation.
    1. The President will make the final interpretation on all attendance guidelines/procedures/(non)compliances.
  5. In the case of continued dispute, the organizations faculty advisor will make the final decision regarding any interpretations.


To download as a word document: Attendance Policy

Page last modified December 16, 2014