Working Committees

GVSU Internationalization Task Force

2012-14 ACE Internationalization Lab

Working Committees

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Internationalizing the Curriculum

Joe Iannelli, Chair

Meaghann Myers-Smith, PIC

Paullette Chapponniere

Ranelle Brew

Brad Koch, SCB

Regina McClinton, ITC program

Steeve Buckridge, Area Studies

Jim Goode, HST

Darren Walhof, PLS [no confirmation yet]

Tom Demmon, Career Services [no confirmation yet]


Internationalizing Student Life on Campus

Susan Mendoza, Co-Chair

Marlene Kowalski-Braun, Co-Chair

Sherie Williams

Jennifer Pope

Connie Dang, OMA

Henry Matthews, Galleries & Collections

Michelle Burke, Office of Student Life

Natalia Gomez, MLL   [no confirmation yet]

Polly Diven, IR

Colleen Lindsay-Bailey, Housing


International Students at GVSU

Jodi Chycinski—Co-Chair

Kate Stoetzner, Co-Chair

Devin Streur (grad)

John Stevenson

Michael Quashigah, SCB Advising Center

Chris Hendree, Admissions

Brian Eikenhout, CLAS Advising Center

Gang Xu, GPY [no confirmation yet]

Beth Thimmesch, Housing

Yasha Nath, Int’l. Student Alumna

Troy VanKoevering, PIC


Internationalizing Faculty/Staff Development

Ed Aboufadel, Co-Chair

Anne Caillaud, Co-Chair

Gary Stark

Rita Grant

Elizabeth Psyck

Becca Hambleton, PIC

Pat Smith, Univ. Counsel

Andrea Marz, Sustainability

Lisa Surman-Haight (COT—Provost’s Office)

Luanne Brown, Payroll/Bus. Office

Michael Scantlebury, HTM


Structures, Processes, Rewards, & Communication

Maria Cimitile

Carol Sánchez

Bart Merkle

Mark Schaub



In Italics:  task force members

No Italics:  non-task force members


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