Task Force Charge





TO:                 Members of the 2012-13 Internationalization Task Force

FROM:           Gayle R. Davis, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT:     Task Force Charge

DATE:            September 25, 2012


Thank you for serving on Grand Valley’s Internationalization Task Force (IZNTF)!  The IZNTF is critical to Grand Valley State University’s strategic planning.  The charge of the IZNTF is to:

  1. Conduct an inventory of the level of internationalization University-wide.
  2. Develop student learning outcomes relating to global education
  3. Produce a strategic plan to further internationalize GVSU.  We expect this plan will be an important part of GV’s strategic planning for 2015-2020 and beyond.

Our IZN process parallels the steps recommended by American Council on Education (ACE) Internationalization Lab, of which GVSU is now a member for 2012-13.

There are some benchmarks in the current GVSU Strategic Plan that address international-related goals (e.g., Study Abroad participation and international student enrollment).  But there are a number of elements of internationalization that we have not addressed on our campus in a comprehensive way.  We will look at ways to maximize our faculty, our curricula, and other resources that ensure that our students’ education is globally connected.  For example, do we involve everyone on campus to recruit and maintain a robust international student population? Do students in each and every degree program gain international perspectives in their major? Do we connect well with our international alumni? These are just a few questions that we will explore during the IZNTF’s work -- GVSU’s first such effort in 12 years.

I have appointed two capable co-chairs for this project: Mark Schaub, director of the Padnos International Center, and Carol Sánchez, professor in the Seidman College of Business. Thank you for working with them to ensure a distinctive global education for all GVSU graduates!



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