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Careers In International Business

“We have stepped up our global investment program over the last 18 months, particularly in emerging markets, including Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. We’re putting in new brick-and-mortar facilities and adding capacity in order to expand our ability to manufacture and assemble products in those markets. I firmly believe that with seven billion people on the planet wanting to live as we do in the US, they’re going to want infrastructure.  Caterpillar makes infrastructure, so we have to be there.” Douglas R. Oberhelman, Chairman and CEO, Caterpillar Inc. (Source: PWC CEO survey 2012)


In today's global business environment, can You afford Not to study international business?

Careers in International Business are diverse and incorporate many of the different functional disciplines in business. Whether it is accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, or supply chain management, international business is an integral part of these functions in today's global marketplace.

People who enjoy traveling, appreciate diverse cultures, and like to learn foreign languages are ideally suited for careers in international business. There are several types of IB jobs available:

A) U.S. based international business job:

Work for a U.S. company that conducts business abroad, which may or may not include international travel. If the position does not include travel, an IB professional may still communicate and interact with international co-workers/clients/vendors via phone or video conferencing. If international travel is part of the IB position, the professional may travel anywhere from one to several weeks throughout the year, all depending on the requirements of the IB position.

Work for a Non-U.S. company in the United States. Again, IB professionals in these roles may conduct business with international co-workers/clients/vendors via telecommunication or via international travel.


B) Non-U.S. based international business job:

Work abroad either for a U.S. or foreign company/organization. You will live and work in a foreign country and may travel back to the U.S. occasionally or rarely.

IB professionals who have been sent abroad by their U.S. employer for an international assignment are called expatriates. They work and live in a foreign country on a temporary basis anywhere from 1 to 3+ years.


Special skills and competencies of IB majors:

  • Ability to think critically 
  • Able to adapt to situations of change
  • Foreign language skills
  • Strong grounding in one functional discipline in business (second business major)
  • Understands cultural differences in the workplace
  • Good computer literacy
  • Resourceful in accomplishing assignments
  • Ability to apply information to new and broader contexts
  • Ability to problem solve and to analyze information
  • Good oral & written communication skills



IB Career Advising:

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Professor of Management and Director of International Business Programs



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