Notes from Abroad

Rachel Bectel
Rachel studied abroad in London in the summer of 2013. In her own words: "Studying abroad was the best experience of my life! I had high expectations, and I had even more fun than I thought I ever would." Read her blog entry here

Brittany Garza
Brittany participated in the National Management School (NMS) Chennai Summer program. Read about her adventures abroad:

Joe Duelo
Joe, a business major, spent a semester abroad at Kingston University in England. He won the West Michigan World Trade Association scholarship and wrote about his amazing experiences: "It's Chips, not fries; pounds, not dollars, mate!"  

Teracia Shillinger
Teracia, an International Business minor, studied abroad at the University of Deusto, in Bilbao Spain, winter 2010. She created her own blog and shared her experiences with us:

Amy Manning
Amy, an International Business minor, studied abroad in Poland and India. She shared her amazing experiences with us here:
May 2007: Amy's Study Abroad experience in India

Melissa VanDerHulst
Melissa credits her study abroad experience in India for her new job as an International Account Manager at Wolverine World Wide, Inc. in the Heritage Brands Group.
January 15, 2007: Career Update


Linda Chov & Sara Scheuerlein
Linda Chov and Sara Scheuerlein studied at the Grenoble School of Management in Grenoble, France during the winter 2007 semester. January 2007, first report from France.


Erin Schmidt 
Erin spent a summer in China, first participating in the China summer school, a GVSU faculty-led program, and then completing an internship with a Michigan company in China. Summer 2006: Internship in China                                              

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