India: Melissa VanDerHulst - January 15, 2007

India:  Melissa VanDerHulst - January 15, 2007

[Administrator's note:  This is a letter from Melissa VanDerHulst to Yatin Bhagwat, the program director for GVSU's India study abroad program.  It has been duplicated here with her permission.]

I wanted to give you an update as to what the study abroad trip to India has done for my career.  I have been hired as an International Account Manager at Wolverine World Wide, Inc. in the Heritage Brands Group.  I started the first week of December, and am enjoying the challenge and opportunity this position has to offer.  I wanted to let you know because I do not believe I would have this position if I hadn't traveled to India.  The trip stood out on my resume, and was a large topic of

interest during the interview process.  Actually, India is one of my accounts, and there is a strong possibility I may be returning within the next year. Thanks again for the opportunity to travel with you, and I hope your upcoming trip is as successful as the last.

Best regards,

Melissa VanDerHulst

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