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Should voluntary slavery be legal? April 15, 2014
Three Reasons We're Better Together April 9, 2014
Should voluntary slavery be legal? April 8, 2014
Better Together Day promotes interfaith dialogue @ GVSU April 7, 2014
Faith in Oman: Accepting the Other (BBC World News) April 6, 2014
Should euthanasia be an acceptable medical practice? April 1, 2014
Is it unethical to name buildings after large donors? March 25, 2014
GVSU Student Senate passes resolution to build inclusive prayer space March 23, 2014
"Why I don't believe in God" panel overcomes stereotypes against atheists March 23, 2014
One year later, what is the most important thing Pope Francis has done? March 18, 2014
GVSU's Muslim and Jewish students sit down together for a meal in peace March 17, 2014
Bringing Communities Together - Grand Valley State Univeristy Lanthorn Edit March 17, 2014
GVSU students don headscarfs for Islamic Awareness Week March 12, 2014
Is there a religious obligation to shovel your sidewalk? March 11, 2014
Was the Old Testament version of slavery morally permissible? March 4, 2014
Believing and disbelief: Ethics and Religion Talk February 25, 2014
GVSU Interfaith Video Campaign - GV Now February 24, 2014
WGVU Morning Show - February Interfaith Talk February 21, 2014
Is it OK to lie about your age to get discounts? February 18, 2014
Common Threads: Sunday Assembly (part 2) February 18, 2014