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We are an organization housed at Grand Valley State University that is committed to facilitating mutual respect and greater interfaith understanding in West Michigan and beyond.


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Highlights from the 14th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration

Father Geaney speaking with sisters from the Dominican Center, Dr. Sahibzada, Director of the Islamic Center of West Michigan and Mosque of Grand Rapids, speaking with Michael Hampton of the Baha'i Community of West Michigan, the row of all 14+ presenters and participants, Smita Chandra performing a sacred Hindu dance, and the Children's Choir of San Juan Diego Academy -- all celebrating Thanksgiving together at Temple Emanuel, reformed Jewish temple of Grand Rapids.

Approximately 300 people attended the event, ranging from college students to young families to local clergy and civic leaders. As an interfaith community, we also collected hundreds of pieces of winter clothing as a donation to Children Protective Services.

(The above photo was submitted for an #interfaithlookslike Instagram photo contest through the Interfaith Youth Core.)



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